10 Amazing Brain Break Activities for Adults

September 11, 2021 4 min read

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It can be difficult to maintain focus when you are juggling a million tasks, but these brain break activities for adults can help. These energizing activities will give your brain the break it needs and boost your productivity! Brain breaks work by giving your brain time to rest and process information more effectively. This blog post includes 10 Brain Break Activities that will improve your productivity at work, school, or everyday home life.

What are brain breaks?

Brain breaks for adults are intervals designed to give a break to the brain from continuous work. It's especially important when our minds feel blank and are unable to come up with answers. The brain's ability to function effectively under continuous workplace pressure is restored through these rests.

In other words, brain breaks are short activities that provide a mental break from whatever you are diligently focusing on. Brain breaks can be used as tools to increase focus and attention at school or work, or you can use them throughout the day for an energy boost. If you're like me, something like deep cleaning the kitchen or writing blog posts definitely requires brain breaks. However, researching and creating new printables to solve problems is something I can work on for one or two hours without needing a brain break.

What are the benefits of brain breaks?

The benefits of brain breaks are vast! These activities will give your brain the break it needs to process information more effectively. They reduce stress, anxiety, frustration and give you focused energy when you return to your task.

Brain breaks are important because the ability to self-regulate and be more aware of your own lack of attention is an important part of mental wellness. Mental health professionals recommend that people make a point of learning these skills as they get older since they can help people keep track of what they're doing and develop better comprehension when things go wrong.

Some other benefits include:

  • Increased focus and attention span
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved moods due to movement, exercise, or sunshine (if outdoors) during a break

How long should brain breaks last?

When it comes to how long your brain breaks should last, the truth is that there isn't a single right answer. However, most people have the best results from taking a one to five-minute brain break every 30 minutes.

How often you take a break and for what duration depends on many factors such as:

  • Your personality type
  • How much work or studying you have to do
  • Your brains burn out point
  • What kind of activities make up your day

Here are 10 awesome brain breaks for adults:

1. Get up and move

You can stretch, walk around the room, or do some yoga poses. Take the stairs instead of the elevator/escalator, if you work in an office building.

2. Color or doodle

Print out some coloring pages, grab some colored pencils or pens, and color your heart out. Mental breaks are allowed to be fun!

3. Brain dump

You can write a brain dump on one of these printables or scrap paper. Write down everything that comes to mind with no judgment or editing allowed. This will help clear your mind of clutter so that you can come back focused on your task.

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4. Listen to a guided meditation

Take some time to be still and breathe deeply. Try meditating for a few minutes with a guided audio recording like this one.

5. Drink water

Water is vital for your brain's functioning. While you're taking a break, drink some water to keep yourself hydrated!

6. Go outside

Go outside for a small change in scenery. The sunshine will make you feel better, and the time spent outdoors has been proven to reduce stress levels.

7. People-watching

Go to a busy place and just watch people for five minutes. You can think about what you think their lives are like or think deeply about your own life.

8. Reading

Pick up a book and read for five minutes. Reading is an excellent way to unwind, think deeply about something other than work, and get inspired.

9. Listen to music

Turn on some relaxing tunes and think about how you feel while listening. You could also think of a memory that makes you think of that song.

10. Cloud gazing

Go outside and look at the sky. Try to find shapes in the clouds or follow them as they move overhead. This is a great way to give your brain a break from the daunting or monotonous.

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Brain breaks are an important part of the day to rejuvenate your efforts and refocus. With all that you do, it can be hard to keep up with everything. Why not take a few minutes each day for yourself? I hope you learned some helpful tips that will put your mind at ease as well as rejuvenate it! Pin this post on Pinterest or share the link in your social media circles now so everyone else knows about these brain break ideas too!

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