5 Reasons to Start Your Christmas Planning Early

August 05, 2020 2 min read

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From the moment I purchase that first Christmas gift or plan out holiday meals, I instantly become intoxicated with the joyfulness of the season. Over the years, I have found so many reasons to start Christmas planning early. In my experience, September is the ideal time to get organized and begin holiday preparations. 

Start Your Christmas Planning Early

Planning ahead for the holidays has several advantages. Here are my favorite reasons for starting my Christmas planning early.

1. No Stress

The years when I have waited until November or December to begin thinking about Christmas were terribly stressful. I battled long shopping lines, navigated through sold-out gifts, and rushed through menu planning. It felt like I was simply checking off my to-do list and not enjoying the special holiday moments. When I gift shop, write out Christmas cards, and plan menus early, I can spend December relaxing with my family and soaking in the holiday magic with no stress.

2. Give the Perfect Gifts

My Christmas Activity Binder sits within reach of my desk all year so when someone mentions a gift they would like or I come across the perfect gift, I can write it in my binder. Waiting until the last minute means frantically coming up with gift ideas that may not be ideal. When it is time to shop and catch some holiday sales, I already have my gift list ready and waiting.

3. Holiday Vacations

If you would love to spend the holidays in an exotic location or even one state away, planning early is best. Save money on flights and travel, book the perfect getaway accommodations and pay in advance. When it comes to travel, the early bird truly does get the worm. 

4. Save Money

Planning ahead allows you the time to find the best deal. Purchase airfare and hotel room reservations for holiday travel in advance to save big. Take advantage of that back to school sale to buy the perfect Christmas gifts for your children. Last-minute plans or purchases are rarely kind to your bank account.

5. Select Your Holiday Charity

Let's not forget that the holidays are a time for giving. Spend some time researching local charities that mean the most to you before the holidays arrive. Once November comes around, local charities will be desperately vying for holiday generosity. Select one early and set a savings goal so that you can bring some holiday cheer to others. 

I rely on this Christmas Activity Binder to make sure that I remember every detail from year to year! I plan holiday-themed meals, make a list of holiday movies to watch, and take inventory of holiday supplies. Being organized during the holidays ensures that Christmas is the most memorable time of the year for my family. 

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