How To Motivate Yourself to Exercise At Home

August 30, 2021 5 min read

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Motivation is the most powerful weapon you can use to get anything done in life. So how do you motivate yourself to get up and go work out at home? And how can you continue to stay motivated? That is what this post is all about.

Motivation for exercise has been something that I have struggled with big time. I'm excited to share with you my 10 favorite tips to get and stay motivated to work out at home.

1) Pencil it in

Get a printable fitness planner, like this one, to write in all of your workouts. I love to use a binder to organize my fitness printables in! You can easily take the monthly workout plan andhang it up on your bedroom door. Write down the days that you are going to work out.  This is how you can make sure that you don't forget to exercise! If you schedule it in, it will get done! Try blocking off at least 30 minutes to 1 hour every morning for exercise. This way, no matter how busy things have gotten you always have time to fit in a workout before you start your day.

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2) Set goals

Do you have trouble staying motivated with certain exercises? If so, then set realistic weekly long-term goals with short-term rewards. These goals should be ones that are very specific like "I want to lose 1 pound every week", as opposed to vague ones like "I just want more energy." Short-term rewards will help motivate you because they are right in front of you. Breaking down your long-term fitness goal into quick short-term wins is a good strategy too. Try a daily exercise goal of 30 minutes of cardio or 5 more pushups than you did yesterday.

3) Reward Yourself

Stick, meet carrot. It's important to reward yourself for your commitment, sweat and effort. This can be anything from taking long luxurious bubble baths or getting an expensive massage after a week of hard work and dedication. It may even be as small as rewarding yourself with some new workout clothes or shoes! The key is to reward yourself for all of your efforts so far. Bonuses are helpful if you reach milestones such as how much weight you've lost or how many hours in a row you have exercised.

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4) Turn Exercise into a Game

Making exercising fun is a great way to get motivated! If you have trouble staying motivated, try turning your workouts into a game and playing against yourself.

For example, how many pushups can you do? Or how fast can you run?

It's all about how much time or how many reps you can beat your own personal best by. You could also compare how far you ran this week with how far you ran last week. These are just some ways that turn exercise from feeling like work to something that becomes more fun!

5) Bring a friend along

Camaraderie is great for motivation among friends and family too!!  If you are working out with a friend or group of friends, make sure that they know how important your workout is to you. Tell them how important it is for you to track your progress and how much more fun everyone will have if everyone works hard together and shares. Find an Exercise Buddy. I personally love working out with friends because I get excited about the idea of catching up while simultaneously crushing our workout goals together! Whether they motivate me or vice versa, having someone there to cheer me on (especially when times get tough!) makes such a huge difference in how much I push myself during my workouts.

6) Remember Why You are Making This Lifestyle Change

Remind yourself how serious you are about this.  If it's just for the summer, remind yourself how great you will look in your swimsuit when summer rolls around again! If it is a fitness competition, imagine how amazing it will feel to win that trophy with your name on it. Perhaps you are making lifestyle changes for the long-term health benefits. How good will you feel knowing that you worked hard because YOU wanted to?

These 365 Writing Prompts for Weight Loss are perfect for discovering and committing to your WHY.

7) Positive Thinking

Negative thinking is the biggest killer of motivation.  If you don't think you can do it, then how will you? Conversely, how bad do you want it? Belief in yourself and your abilities are key to this process. Believe that starting today is a new beginning and how good does every day feel knowing that you are one step closer to your goals?

"Whether you think you can or can't, you're right." -Henry Ford

8) Share Your Progress With Friends

Social Media is a great way to keep your exercise goals in the public eye.  It might even inspire friends, family and co-workers to follow along with you or learn how YOU are training for that 5k. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or SnapChat, make sure to document how well you are doing and how excited you are for how far you've come!! Be proud of yourself!

9) Have Dedicated Exercise Space

A space that is designated for exercising only makes you more likely to go there and get your workout in. Keep a TV or iPod dock in the room so that you can watch your favorite workout shows or listen to your own exercise music to stay focused. Make sure not to leave any clutter lying around either because this will make the space seem less like an area for pure function and more like a place where other things take priority.

Looking for a system that will walk you through how removing clutter & tidying up just a little bit every day adds up to big results? This printable Decluttering Binder is exactly what you need!

10) Progress, Not Perfection

Perfection is not the goal.  Progress is how we measure how far we have come, how much stronger and fitter we are getting each day. Don't let a bad week or even month get you down because this type of thinking will only lead to you quitting. Instead, watch how far you've come by looking at how much weight you've lost and how many inches you have dropped since your first few days of working out!


I hope that this blog post was helpful for those of you struggling with how to motivate yourself!  Do any of these methods work exceptionally well for you? What other things do you do to get motivated??

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