A List of Lists To Keep Your Life Organized

November 10, 2021 7 min read

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There are few things in life that feel as good as crossing a to-do off your list. Ah, sweet accountability. Even the simplest of tasks deserve to be written down just to cross them off your list. Maybe you're already a list-maker like me and totally get what I'm saying, or maybe I sound crazy. But when I feel anxious and overwhelmed, the best way to calm my mind is by writing down a list. Getting all of those thoughts in order on paper leaves space for other things that need attention too! It's super therapeutic. 

Either way, making lists has been known to help people stay organized. But how can lists make your life better? Well, lists are a great way to keep track of tasks, whether they're big or small. When you write down what needs to be done on paper or in an app, it's easier for your brain to process the information and focus on one task at a time.

If you're like me and want some ideas or printables to get your life organized then this post is for you. Here are some helpful lists that can help us stay productive while staying on top of things around the house, office space... even home maintenance tasks are easier to handle when made into lists with these handy little tools.

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With that said, here is a list of lists to make!

  1. Brain Dump - Writing out a brain dump can help you get organized, relieve stress by releasing pent-up thoughts and emotions, process your day-to-day clutter in a way that's manageable, and find clarity when it becomes difficult to focus on the task at hand. Take advantage of our pretty brain-dump printables to help you! brain dump printables
  2. Password List - I know a lot of people like writing their passwords down somewhere, but since I worked in Information Security, I can't really recommend this. Unless you are writing in some sort of code that only you can understand and keeping the list in a secured place, the risk isn't worth it in my humble opinion. I love a password manager tool like Last Pass.
  3. Shopping List - Make a list before you go to Target or Walmart! Trust me, you'll save time AND money. 
  4. Grocery List - Are you tired of spending your valuable time at the grocery store just to forget the ONE THING you went for? Now, you can get your shopping organized with this printable grocery list. My friend, this little printable is the perfect tool for saving you time and money at the store!
  5. Errands List - Do you find yourself forgetting small tasks and errands that need to be done? Keep an errand list in your home or office, so you can stay on top of things.
  6. To Be List - everyone focuses on things you have to DO... but what about HOW you want to BE? Want to be joyful today? Silly? Confident? Write it down! printable To Be List
  7. Meal Planning List- Meal planning is closely related to writing out your grocery list. And it really helps cut off your impulse buying. Meal Planning is the key to saving money and having an organized plan for mealtimes. Get started and organized by using this printable meal planning binder. Printable Meal Planning Binder
  8. Food Inventory - It's incredibly helpful to have a list of what food you have so that you know what food you need, especially around holidays! Learn how to set up food storage without expired food and wasted money! Free tracking spreadsheet and printables to help build an emergency food storage.
  9. SpringCleaning List - Do you look around your house and just not have any idea where to even begin when it comes to spring cleaning? This printable Spring Cleaning Planner is your perfect solution to starting and finishing your spring cleaning, all in an organized and stress-free way! printable Spring Cleaning Planner
  10. Daily Chore List - Tired of asking people to do things around the house? A chore list can help everyone stay organized.
  11. Bills Due List - You can never be too organized with your finances. Keep track of all those bills you have to pay each month and how much they cost using this printable. Keep track of your finances and pay your bills on time with this free printable monthly bill payment checklist. This bill tracker helps you avoid the late fees, helping you pay your bills on or before they are due.  Organize Your Bills with Monthly Bill Payment Checklist
  12. Habit Tracker - want to start making good habits? Try keeping track of it! This free habit tracker will help you add new habits into your life with little effort. Use the accountability to get those habits to stick!
  13. Gift Ideas List - this is a great way to keep track of gift ideas you have for your family and friends throughout the year, especially for holidays and birthdays.
  14. To Do List- the obvious list. don't worry about prioritizing tasks at this point, just write them down before you forget. printable weekly planner
  15. Honey Do List - Let your partner know what needs to be done around the house
  16. Important Dates to Remember - Keep track of all those due dates and the birthdays/anniversaries you need to remember.
  17. Yard Work List - This is especially helpful if you have a big yard and can plan out what needs to be done when.
  18. Gratitude List - I love looking back on my days and seeing what I am grateful for. Not all lists are for productivity - some should make you smile :)
  19. List of Goals - What goals do you want to accomplish this year? write them down! Life goals to live a fulfilling life that is true to you! Questions and prompts to guide you in writing a list of your life goals!
  20. Emergency Contact List - write down all of your emergency contacts and keep this list in a common area where in case of an emergency, it can be found quickly.
  21. Bucket List - Everyone should have a bucket list! What things would you like to do before you die?
  22. Current Projects List - Write down all of the projects you're currently working on and keep track. If you need to, add a list for future ideas too!
  23. To Read - keep track of the books you want to read throughout the year.
  24. To Call - who do you need to call? (no, not the Ghostbusters) write it down so that you don't forget!
  25. To Email - this is a great way to keep track of all the people you want to email, especially if it's a long list.
  26. Favorite Meals List - Don't want to lose track of your favorite recipes? Write them down!
  27. Favorite Restaurant List - wondering where to go out to eat tonight? pick one of your favorites!
  28. Home Repairs List - if there's something that needs to be fixed around the house, write it down!
  29. School To Do - need to buy school supplies? write an essay? make a collage? Use this Printable Back to School Checklist when you are ready to go shopping for supplies and needed items for the new School year.
  30. Travel List - Where do you want to go this year?
  31. Favorite Date Ideas - Where are your favorite places to go on a date with your significant other or friends?
  32. Big Dreams List - What are some big dreams you have? Write them down and see what happens!
  33. Movies to Watch - Are there new movies out that you are dying to watch?
  34. Holiday & Birthday Card Mailing List - Don't forget the people you need to send cards too!
  35. Packing List - Traveling somewhere? Make a list of what to pack. FREE BEACH PACKING LIST PRINTABLE
  36. Morning Routine - Write down your morning routine. If you need help, this printable Positive Morning Binder will get you started. printable Positive Morning Binder
  37. Nighttime Routine - Write down your nighttime routine (yes, this is important too).
  38. Self-care Checklist - What are some things that you need to do for yourself everyday?
  39. Wish List - What do you wish you could buy?
  40. Outfit Ideas List - Write down your ideas for outfits so that you don't forget them.
  41. Dream Vacation List - Where would you like to go on vacation? Write it down!
  42. Plant Care List - I'm not kidding, write down how often you water your plants. This printable Gardening Binder will help you finally get your green thumb & your garden thriving and under control in a more practical and organized way.
  43. Exercise List- Write down some workouts that you like to do and keep track of how many times you complete them. printable Fitness Planner
  44. List of Friends and Their Interests - Write down all of your friends and their interests so that you can do things with them or buy them surprise gifts!
  45. List of Positive Affirmations - Write down positive affirmations so that when you're having a bad day, you can read them and feel better. <3 Better yet, color them!
  46. Favorite Quotes - write down your favorite quotes!
  47. Things to Learn - What are some things you want to learn? Maybe it's how to play an instrument or speak another language!
  48. Budget- Write down your budget. You have to know where your money is going. This is more in-depth than just knowing when your bills are due. This {free} 9 page Budget Planner is a fantastic resource for those new to budgeting or those that are circling back to start over. It's never too late to use these resources to tackle your family finances.  
  49. Appointments- Write down all of your appointments on your calendar so you don't miss any! 

Now that you've got a great list of lists to make, don't panic about how to keep this organized! You can quickly and easily add your lists into a 3 ring binder to keep them tidy and in one place. If your list is not written on something that can be three-hole punched, grab some sheet protectors and add those babies to your binder!

I don't always have pen and paper on me though, so I also like using Google Keep for taking quick notes on my cell phone. More often than not, I still end up writing these lists down on paper.

Organizing your life can be tough work but it is so worth the effort! I hope these lists helped you feel more in control of yourself and made some great ideas for what else needs organization. If there's anything on this list or any other ones YOU love doing that helps make YOU productive please leave me a comment below and share this post to Pinterest!

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