10 Outdoor Garden Projects Your Kids Will Love

May 18, 2021 4 min read

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Outdoor garden projects for kids are a great way to spend time with the kids while making the garden interesting and helping them learn about plants and growing things. There are many kid-friendly garden tasks that they can do, such as planting seeds or watering plants. The best thing about these types of projects is that not only will you be teaching kids about nature but also giving them a sense of accomplishment!

1) Make an instant garden in containers

Children can have great fun planting up summer containers of pretty annuals. They can make a hanging basket or fill up some pots with seasonal favorites like petunias. It's an easy way to get them excited about gardening and it will give them lots of colorful plants during the summer months!

Try using an upcycled sandbox for your container garden! Super cute!

2) Plant bulbs and seeds

Kids will love planting your garden for you when they see these little things popping through in springtime!

Bulbs are easier to plant than seeds, so you might want to start with those. You can buy packs of mixed bulbs for a great price and they will bloom all season long! They won't require the care and maintenance that seeds do. They will also flower again next year.

If planting seeds, why not try planting them in eggshells and keep them on the kitchen windowsill where your kids will be able to see the seeds grow each day? You can teach them the benefits of recycling at the same time!

3) Make a magical garden or den

Kids love dens! If you have a little corner of the garden free, let your kids lay out a mat and use their imagination to turn it into a magical den, complete with pillows, blankets, fairy lights, and personal treasures. They could tie ribbons to the trees or plants to make it their own.

For artistic kids, they could paint rocks in bright colors and use them to mark the entrance of the den.

4) Make a Toad House

My favorite way to add toad houses into my garden is to simply take a small or medium sized terracotta pot and bury it halfway in the ground. So the toad has a big enough entrance, but plenty of room to bury into the dirt. 

Toads eat bugs like roaches and slugs so you really can benefit from attracting them to your garden. Plus, they are just darn cute. 🐸

Make it extra fun, try painting your toad houses before you bury them! The toads probably won't care... but your family will love it!

terracotta toad house and small toad in a hand

5) Make a path in the garden

Encourage kids to make paths through your garden or along borders so they can easily get around without trampling on plants. They will love this job as it also involves using creative skills. They could use rocks, twigs, or even little solar lights to make the path edges.

6) Plant a tree

A tree is a plant for life. The kids will love getting involved with the planting process, making it their own and they can also help to water the new tree and watch it grow. Have them measure the height of the tree and record it over time.

The Arbor Day Foundation can help you choose the right tree for your location.

7) Build a Living Archway

You can help your kids create a 'living archway' by planting willow sticks in a circle, drawn up into a point at the top, like an upside-down V, or loosely so it looks like an upside-down U. As the willow sticks take root and grow, the archway will become green and alive!

If you already have an archway, you can plant vining plants at the base, and tie them up the arch. That way, as they grow they will cover your archway with beautiful greenery!

8) Create a herb garden

Kids often don't get enough vegetables in their diet so this is a great way for them to learn about plants through tasting!

Use this free garden grid layout printable to design and map out exactly where you will plant each herb and vegetable!

free printable herb and perennial garden grid planner displayed over teal and hot pink coral colored background

9) Make a Pollinator hotel

There are lots of beneficial insects that can help your garden grow. Pollinators like butterflies and bees are crucial to gardens. To give them somewhere to stay, you could make a bug hotel out of logs and sticks by drilling holes in a piece of wood, for bugs to crawl through. 

Alternatively, if you don't want to drill, get a wooden box and stack little branches and stones inside. It will soon be home to lots of bugs!

You can buy ready-madepollinator houses, but that's not as fun. ;) 

10) Recycled Bottle Birdfeeders

Recycling bottles to use as bird feeders is such a creative way to attract lovely birds to your yard while reducing your waste! Be sure to remove labels and wash off any glue residue. I like to put tape around the edges of the cut plastic so that no birdie feathers or legs can get accidentally hurt.

Check out thisPlastic Bottle Birdfeeder from PBS Kids.


Kids love to explore and learn, so why not combine these two passions by doing outdoor gardening projects together? It’s a great way for kids to get their hands dirty while learning about plants.

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outdoor garden projects your kids will love

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