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January 11, 2021 4 min read

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Are you searching for a way to make moving day easier? Are you feeling utterly overwhelmed justthinking about all that moving to a new house entails? 

If you can relate, I've got the perfect thing to add to your moving survival kit, my friend. This printable Moving Binder will make moving day as organized and as stress free as possible. 

My family has moved 3 times in last 5 years; the first 2 times we didn't have this handy dandy planner... and let me tell you it is a SANITY SAVING gift from above (or your printer).

Printable Moving Binder

With thisprintable Moving Binder style="font-weight: 400;"> you'll have:

  • LESS stress on moving day
  • LESS clutter & overwhelm
  • LESS feeling “stuck”
  • a CLEAR starting point & direction
  • MORE clarity & sanity regarding your move
  • EASIER packing & moving process

This moving planner is your complete solution to a smooth and stress-free move into your new home! 

It’ll help you get your toolbox filled so that your move will be easy, practical, and organized. And guess what? That stress-free move starts TODAY! It starts the second youpurchase your printable Moving Binder!

If you already have a 3 ring binder around the house, theprintable Moving Binder includes different sizes of spines to fit whatever size you have on hand…no need to go out and buy another binder! Just use one you already have and you’re ready to go.

If you do need a binder, you can grab them from Amazon here:


Watch this video of everything that is included in your printable moving planner:

Some of my favorite printables to make moving easier

Geez, it is so hard to pick only a handful of favorites because they are all so gorgeous and super helpful! But if I had to choose these are some of my favorite printable moving day helpers...

Moving Box Inventory Printable

As you’re packing up your belongings, number each box and use this handy moving box inventory sheet to write down the contents. That way, as you unpack, you know which box goes where and exactly what's in it!

moving box inventory printables

Furniture Measurements & Furniture Placement Printables

Man oh man, unloading the moving truck used to be so chaotic. 

Where does this go? Who knows, throw it over there for now and we'll figure it out later. And then you have to rearrange furniture all over again to get it where you want.

Does this sound like you? Well, no more! Now you can lay out exactly where each piece of furniture is going ahead of time. That way, as the truck is being unloaded you can place it in the right spot the FIRST time.

These printable furniture measurement and placement sheets will help you get unpacked and organized quickly in the new house. You always know where everything will fit!

furniture measurement and room placement printables

Utilities & Services Info Printable

This printable is the perfect thing to write down all the account info & numbers, start and stop date, and contact information.

Stop driving yourself crazy trying to remember who you called already and when the internet is getting turned on (so the kids can be entertained while you unload!)

Or was that just me? 😅

printables for tracking utilities and services start and stop

Meal Planner Printable

Okay, this meal planning printable is definitely in my favorites list. Maybe the budget is tight and you don't want to eat out all week, or maybe you want to use up what you've got before you move and go grocery shopping for the new house.

Whatever your reasoning, this meal planner is the perfect tool for you to leave out just the food you need and pack the rest.

meal planning printables


Hear what other happy movers are saying:

Julie S. - We are planning a big move within the year and this binder has relieved so much of my stress and uncertainty. I feel confident that we will cross every t and dot every i. If you are moving, you need this binder.


Get Instant Access to the printable Moving Binder!!!

Everything that's included in your 33-pageprintable Moving Binder:

Sheet protectors likethese are super helpful for any important documents you want to keep in your binder but not actually hole punch.

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