Relieve These 5 Ailments with Essential Oils

August 05, 2020 3 min read

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If you have ever had the pleasure of consulting with an aromatherapist, you already understand the powerful effects of essential oils. Brought to you by nature, essential oils are compounds that are extracted from plants. They are made by steaming or pressing parts of the plant to extract oils that produce the strong fragrance. Essential oils possess anti-fungal and antiseptic healing properties for plants, so it is no surprise that they can also relieve ailments in us.

Which Essential Oils Relive My Ailment?

We have paired the most common ailments with the essential oils that best relieve them.

Essential Oils for Stress

There are different types of stress and different oils that best relieve them. 

  • If you are in need of some deep relaxation, frankincense is recommended.
  • Rose essential oil is helpful for relieving end of the day tension.
  • If you struggle with insomnia, try lavender essential oil.
  • Looking for a natural anxiety reliever? Bergamot is reported to naturally reduce anxiety.
  • When anger creeps in, bring yourself back down with vetiver oil or ylang ylang.
  • Marjoram helps to soothe sadness and grief.
  • Add chamomile oil to your nighttime ritual for restful sleep.

Once you decide which oils are right for you, add drops to a bath, use as part of a face serum, mist your bed linens, or add drops to a cotton ball and place it in your pillowcase. 

Revive Your Energy Levels with Essential Oils

Various mixtures of basil, cypress, sweet orange, rosemary, spearmint, lemon, and ginger are known to put some pep in your step. Experiment with various blends to find the one that works best for you and use in a diffuser or as an air freshener spray. Avoid these oils in the evening hours or you may have trouble falling to sleep.

Soothe Annoying PMS Symptoms

Relieve ailments with essential oils

We all wish for problem-free and painless periods, but that is rarely the case. PMS symptoms are the result of the interaction of hormones with essential parts of our bodies, like neurotransmitters. Mixtures of essential oils can help to re-balance hormones and relieve several PMS symptoms.

  • Bloating. Mix six drops of lavender oil, three drops of juniper berry oil, and two drops of birch oil. Rub the oil mixture on your belly.
  • Unbalanced Hormones. Mix two drops of clary sage, one drop of geranium, and one drop of ylang ylang oil for a bit of relief.
  • PMS Related Sadness. Use a diffuser and add any of the following oils to help with sudden PMS related sadness: basil, grapefruit, lime, rose, sandalwood, mandarin.
  • PMS Acne. Ylang ylang is known to temper excessive sebum production, which contributes to PMS related acne.

Relieve Itchy Scalp

If you experience dry scalp from changes in climate or diet, use oils like patchouli, rosemary, sage, peppermint, or eucalyptus. If you have been diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis, try an anti-fungal like tea tree oil, cinnamon, or cumin. Mix your preferred oil into your shampoo or massage directly into your scalp after you wash your hair.

Rev Up Your Libido

 Although there is no scientific evidence to support it, many believe that baths or massages with the following oils can bring some added spice to the bedroom:

  • Bergamot
  • Cardamom
  • Neroli
  • Patchouli
  • Sandalwood

If you are in need of a bedroom pick-me-up, it is worth a try.

If you are ready to explore the benefits of essential oils, we recommend using the Ultimate Essential Oil Recipe Binder to organize your recipes and rate the mixtures that are most effective for you.

Did we miss one? If you relieve an ailment with an essential oil that we missed, let us know in the comments.

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