20 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Life

September 11, 2020 5 min read

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Have you ever heard the expression, “change your mindset, change your life”? I’m a firm believer in that! Think about it… We all could probably name someone we know who’s the Debbie Downer of the group. The one who complains about everything! You and good ol’ Debbie could be experiencing the same things, but you’re completely content and satisfied, and Debbie, not so much. Attitude is everything! 

With so much of what occurs in the world today being uncontrollable, why not focus on what you can control? The only things we can control are the efforts we put into things and our attitude. So, having a positive attitude will help your efforts, and in turn, help your life. But how do we do that? 

Here are a lot of small, simple things you can do to help change your life. Less stress, healthier habits, and even a more positive mindset come from implementing a few of these things each day. With a little effort, I think you’ll like the changes you see… And so will those around you! 

1. Read a few pages each day in a self-improvement book

A few of my favorites are Atomic Habits by James Clear, Strong Women Rising by Tiffany Reese, or Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis.

2. Plan your days out the night before

Planning ahead helps you wake up with intention and concur your day! Even if it’s just 5 minutes of planning, it can save you lots of time for the next day. Need a planner? Try this Mini Mom Planner!

3. Keep a Journal

Getting your thoughts on paper is powerful and therapeutic. 

Here are a few to try - 

Diving Deeper into Journaling for Self Discovery

Prayer Journal

Coffee Lovers Journal

4. Get a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is important to our physical and mental health. It helps with weight loss, improves concentration, helps maximize athletic performance, and makes you less likely to have heart disease or a stroke. So put on your sleep mask and catch more zzz’s. 

5. Spend time in nature

This helps you stay grounded and can improve your mood. It even helps reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, preterm birth, and so many more amazing benefits. If you like to garden, you know how calming and satisfying nature can be. Check out my Gardening Binder to help as you get out in nature! 

6. Meditate

This also helps improve your mood. It’s a way to center yourself and clear your mind. It can improve your overall wellbeing and health too. Meditation can soothe discomfort, give balance and clarity, and lower stress. Try it even for just 5 min a day! 

7. Start your morning off with positivity

Get your day started in the right direction with the Positive Morning Binder. It will help you be more intentional about your thoughts, allowing you to spend the rest of your day in a more positive mindset.

8. Drink enough water

Did you know that you’re supposed to drink half your body weight in ounces -DAILY!?! Drinking enough water helps your body from the inside out. Your organs function better, your gut is healthier, and your skin looks better. So cheers! And drink that water! 

9. Say positive affirmations

This was something I used to think was silly, but there’s power in our thoughts. What you think about you bring about, and what you say is empowering. Speaking words of positivity help change how you view yourself and can change your life. You can use the Positive Self-Affirmations Writing Prompts to help

10. Do a quick 15 min pick up of the house every day

I’m someone that likes to take a weekend day and get the house fully cleaned. However, if I don’t spend time during the week keeping things tidy, I’m in for an entire weekend of cleaning and organizing. Spending just 15 min a day picking things up will make life a lot easier when it comes to cleaning. 

11. Eat healthy food

Eating foods rich in nutrients can give you the brainpower you need to concur the day. Foods like blueberries, avocado, and salmon can also help keep your energy up and boost your immune system. The healthier you eat the healthier you’ll feel.

12. Make a new friend

This one might be a little scary for my fellow introverts, but it can be so rewarding. Meeting someone new is energizing and exciting. So, let’s step out of our comfort zone and make a friend! 

13. Learn something new each day

You may think you don’t have time for this one, but there’s so much information at our fingertips that we can tap into and learn, it’s crazy! Read a news article, watch a YouTube tutorial, or learn a word of the day to help stimulate your brain.

14. Put down electronics at least 1 hour before bed

If you’re looking to help with sleep, this is a must. The blue light from your screen actually stimulates your brain and keeps you awake. You’ll fall asleep faster if you make an effort to turn off your devices beforehand.

15. Get your home organized - one room at a time

A decluttered house can cause unnecessary stress in your life. It causes you to feel more anxious about everyday things and creates a sense of chaos rather than balance and peace. Use my Decluttering Binder to help get your home organized so you’ll feel calmer, more productive, and less stressed. 

16. Smile more

A smile is contagious right!?! The more you smile, the happier you’ll feel.

17. Practice morning and evening self-care routines

Relax with a bubble bath and a magazine, a good book, or favorite Netflix show, and enjoy this time for yourself. Do a face mask. 

18. Exercise 30 min a day

Whether you’re a marathon runner or not, it’s important to move your body daily. Choose an activity to do by yourself, with your kids, or with the whole family and move for 30 minutes a day. It can be a bike ride, a run, lifting weights, or even taking the dog for a walk. Just as long as you’re moving!

19. Create a vision board

Keep your goals in front of you. I read somewhere that if you don’t have your goals in front of you for 3 days, it’s like they don’t exist. So, make a vision board of what you hope for and dream your life of being and hang it up somewhere you’ll see it every day. It’s a reminder to keep going and moving that needle forward. 

20. Diffuse essential oils

There are so many combinations of oils to choose from for just about anything. With the right oils, you can feel more energized, focused, motivated, and even be put into a better mood. Check out my Ultimate Essential Oils Recipe Binder for over 95 different aromatherapy recipes! 


Decide today to implement something as a part of your routine. Even if it is just one thing, your life can be drastically impacted by it. Let’s work together on making a difference for ourselves, live more positively, and make the most of each and every day! 

Join me on Instagram @journalstofreedom. Post and tag me to share what you’re doing to make your life better. Let’s get connected and support each other as we continue to be the best version of ourselves we can be!

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