You Can't Lead a Positive Life with Negative Thoughts

February 29, 2020 2 min read

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In a world that seems to be increasingly crashing down around us all, it can be challenging to remain positive. Our environment is more distracting and demanding than ever before, but to live a positive life, it is important to keep negative thoughts at bay. The only thing that is constant in life is change. 

Tips for Living a Positive Life

If you are struggling to live a positive life because negative thoughts continue to creep in, here are a few tips that may help.

1. Stop Overanalyzing and Predicting

You don't have a crystal ball. There are millions of possible outcomes for every situation and you have no idea which one will actually manifest. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't be prepared or plan. It simply means that you should do your best to live in the moment and not fret about things that have not yet occurred and may never occur.

2. Be YOU (Unapologetically)

Pretending to be someone you aren't is a guaranteed killer of joy. You aren't perfect. You are flawed. But, you are YOU- the only you there is. Own it. Rather than dwelling on the post-baby pot belly or your unruly head of hair, focus on loving yourself and your imperfect journey. Need some help with this? Start each day with a Positive Self Affirmation Writing Prompt and experience the difference in your life.

Printable Positive Self Affirmation Writing Prompts

3. Identify the Positive in Every Situation

Unfortunate situations are a part of life for everyone. You can choose to focus on the sadness and the stress of a situation or you can look for the opportunity for growth. Nearly every situation has a positive component. Our life challenges are opportunities to train our mental fortitude and grow our coping toolbox. 

4. Leave Resentment Behind

Holding onto anger can quickly eat you alive. A positive spirit can't co-exist with anger or resentment. Were you backstabbed, belittled, mistreated? Process the pain and let it go. When you hold onto the anger, the people who caused you pain continue to cause you pain. When you leave it behind, you can heal and grow and see a brighter day. 

5. Keep An Open Mind

A frequent source of frustration and unhappiness is when we are confronted with beliefs and ideas that are different from our own. Keeping an open mind and hearing about differing opinions allows you to accept and remain positive. Remember that everyone's belief system is right in their own eyes. The more we learn and grow our minds, the more peace we will experience. 

Are you thinking, "But, these are easier said than done?" It is true. If you are committed to living a positive life, this is a great place to start. 

If you are struggling with where to start or how to make progress towards a positive life, the Gratitude & Positive Affirmations Coloring Journal can help. 

Printable Gratitude & Positive Affirmations Coloring Journal for Self-Care

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What are your favorite ways to leave negativity behind?

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