Digital Recipe Book

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Love to cook but feel overwhelmed by all your cookbooks? Don’t have a clue which recipe is in which cookbook? Do you wonder how other people reduce and organize their cookbooks?

Well, wonder no more! With this Digital Recipe Book template, you can store your recipes right on your tablet. This way, you’ll always have access to them at your fingertips – no more flipping through messy cookbooks or searching for loose recipe cards! Simply select the meal category you're looking for from your hyperlinked index page, browse through your recipes, and choose the one that makes your taste buds water.

Not only will this help you organize your recipes, but it will also make cooking a lot more fun. You can easily search for the dish you want to make, and then add all the ingredients to your shopping list. Plus, with this digital recipe book, you can access your recipes from anywhere in the world. How cool is that? With its easy-to-use interface and handy recipe categorization, this Digital Recipe Book is the best way to store and organize your recipes digitally.

Snag your very own copy of our amazing digital recipe book today!

This digital planner even includes over 700 pre-cropped digital recipe book stickers to decorate and personalize your digital recipe book! 
Here's what's included in your Digital Recipe Book:
  • Fully hyperlinked index page with 18 meal categories
  • 700+ digital recipe book stickers (pre-cropped PNGs)
  • Blank recipe templates
  • Recipe photo templates (to digitize your family recipes!)
  • Kitchen measurement conversion chart
  • Meal category divider pages
  • Hyperlinked tabs for navigation ease
  • Quickly jump to your Weekly Meal Plan, Grocery List, & Notes pages
  • Convenient previous page, back, and next page buttons

This is digital recipe book template is an interactive PDF document that can be loaded onto an iPad or other tablets for use with a stylus in Xodo, Goodnotes, Notability, Noteshelf, or other pdf annotation apps. Tabs are hyperlinked to easily navigate between sections. Pages can be duplicated or deleted depending on your individual needs.