30-Day No Spend Challenge Workbook {7 Pages}

Digital Download

Have you been searching for a way to save money? Something fun to keep you interested, yet challenging and rewarding?

If you're looking for a way to re-evaluate your spending habits, try this 30-Day No-Spend Challenge

It's a great process to help you see how much money you waste on unnecessary purchases over time by making you think about every purchase before making one. 

The best part is, you can get started RIGHT NOW! I can't wait to hear about your No Spend Challenge success!

Here's everything that's included in your printable 30-Day No Spend Challenge Workbook:

  • 30-Day No Spend Challenge Tracker
  • Undated Calendar (Month) Overview
  • Savings Goals & Tracker
  • No Spend Challenge Rules & Identify Your Needs
  • Pre-Challenge Focus (Writing Prompts)
  • Post-Challenge Review (Writing Prompts)
  • 40 No Spend Boredom Buster Ideas