Cash Envelopes {10 Pages}

Digital Download

Do you need to get your budget back on track?

Track your spending with these gorgeous cash envelopes!

Each printable money envelope has a spending tracker on the back so that you can keep an account of what you use the cash for. Instructions on how to fold your envelope are also included. :)

These are the budget categories that your printable Cash Envelopes include:

  • Groceries
  • Restaurants
  • Gas
  • Health
  • Cosmetics (Haircare/makeup)
  • Car maintenance
  • Personal
  • Entertainment
  • Gifts
  • Blank (write your own!)

The blank envelope is perfect if you have a side hustle that you need to track cash flow for!

If you'd like your printable cash envelopes to be more durable, try printing on cardstock.